HSBC Features Imagination in "going global" Series

10 April 2019

HSBC’s ‘going global’ series featuring Imagination goes live today. The global financial corporation, who is both our client and bank, approached us earlier this year to be part of their Client Series.  Showcasing our international success story, it highlights our ongoing partnership toward achieving our expansion ambitions.

Whilst we now operate in four continents covering offices all over Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and Asia Pacific, it all started in 1968 with a cupboard as our first office in London’s West End. Since then, we have grown organically to employ 750 people internationally to offer specialised local, regional and global expertise.  It’s a journey our Group CEO, Patrick Reid remembers well: 

“I would describe going global as being like a rollercoaster. There are ups and downs, twists and turns, but ultimately, it’s something that you do enjoy. You look back and realise it’s an emotional trip of a lifetime.”

Every setback has contributed to making Imagination’s business stronger.  We take all learnings from each of our locations and share our knowledge within our internal global network of offices. The result is a company that operates as one using cultural insights to inform how we trade across the world.



The series also reveals the origins of our China offices in Hong Kong.  Taking the plunge, Patrick initially moved to the city to establish the business as a stepping stone into the region.  From here, we set up another office in Shanghai, where we recently launched vivo Lab and with many more exciting projects underway.  Watch our video below to learn Patrick Reid's insights on expanding into China and his experience of growing the business in the region.


Click here to read our feature in HSBC's 'going global' series.


HSBC Features Imagination in "going global" Series