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A diverse team of experts

Imagination has a specialised investor marketing team, offering unrivalled experience spanning 35+ years, 750+ IPOs, and 1,000s of investor events. We bring together a diverse team of experts in a dynamic environment to craft creative communications which simplify the complex and generate breakthrough ideas at scale and across a variety of mediums. Our team applies a deep understanding of the markets, investors, and the investment process itself to develop engaging content and memorable experiences that fuse emotions and analytics to captivate investors and deliver powerful results. As a trusted partner to newer, aggressive growth companies and established, industry-leading companies alike, we bring the added creativity and capacity of an extended team of storytellers: strategists, creative directors, filmmakers, designers, financial writers, producers, event organisers, and logistics managers. We collaborate closely with our clients to craft narratives that not only set them apart but also reinforce the investor brand with a clear and compelling message.



Our mission is to transform investor perception by forging a powerful connection with the mission, strategy, and leadership. Through captivating narratives and unforgettable experiences that simplify the complex and bring the investment case to life, we aim to continually strengthen the investor brand and leave a lasting impact.


We communicate the case to investors through clear, concise, and compelling storytelling both at major events and reinforced during intra-quarter periods.

We offer a comprehensive and unrivalled array of creative services to support new listings. Our team works closely with management and advisors to plan and execute campaigns that express the investment rationale across mediums. We’re able to scale services from smaller capital raises up to the largest jumbo offerings.

Investors participating in company-hosted, in-person and virtual events devote considerable time and attention to deepening understanding of the strategy, new developments, and outlook over the course of a few hours or a full day. We create immersive investor events that draw in participants through a conscious buildout of physical spaces and digital mediums with pre-produced, highly polished sound, lighting, video, animation, presentations, and Q&As.

Deal and non-deal roadshows provide management teams with an opportunity to present the investment case and engage in Q&A with prospective investors. Creating a compelling experience for investors is essential to generating interest. We develop environments and content that manifest the company’s brand, mission, history, differentiators, and future.

Management provides reams of data and commentary at quarterly earnings and intermittently at investor conferences with material updates contained in regulatory filings. Even the closest followers, however, can struggle to incorporate and contextualize the information. We strategize to create a series of intra-quarter, shorter-form, on-demand, and easily consumable digital media to more creatively attract investor attention through short form videos, podcasts/vlogs, blog posts with interactive charts, and digital forums.

Retail investors are now an undeniable force in the stock market. The rationale for designing and implementing a campaign that is additive to overall IR efforts is far more compelling today than in prior years. We conceive and implement dual-track campaigns tied to metrics for reporting. Campaigns are designed to complement and extend institutional investor marketing efforts by repurposing existing data and information contained in presentations, transcripts, and filings.

We collaborate with clients to develop both native content and cutdowns of existing content on subjects ranging from growth prospects to the long-term investment case and economic impact that are of particular interest to investors. All content is developed to be platform-specific, ‘snackable’, easily shareable, and to drive potential investors to the IR site.

Our team supports dealmaking from the initial stages of pre-marketing through to deal approvals by shareholders. Compelling short- and long-form videos can provide an introduction to the company or more in-depth focuses on products/services, technologies, and new markets as the situation warrants – all with the purpose to generate interest and educate prospective buyers for more productive in-person meetings.

Corporate reports to shareholders and stakeholders more broadly present an opening to deepen understanding of strategy and performance, environmental initiatives, social impact, sustainable networks, and priorities for the future. From print to interactive digital sites that incorporate new media, graphics, and video, we facilitate corporate reports every step of the way with services that include creative, writing, and web design.


Imagination pioneered the role of roadshow consultancy during the 1980s privatisation era in the UK. In the succeeding years, Imagination’s Investor Communications team created ambitious management roadshows, investor days, and IPO events during a period of rapid growth in cross-border investment. Over the past decade, Imagination’s IPO films set the standard for marketing founder-led, high-growth companies to prospective investors.