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GreenPeace Cafe Glastonbury
Sustainable experiences — Imagination 2020 trend
Beyond the ballpit — Imagination 2020 trend

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people of different ethnicities smiling together while staring at camera
Inclusive experiences — Imagination 2020 trend
blurred people walking past a white wall
Beyond metrics — Imagination 2020 trend
Gillette toxic masculinity advert
Experience grows up — intro to our 2020 trends
imagination CEO  Patrick Reid  talking in a one-to-one interview with wall street journal
Our Group CEO, Patrick Reid, is to feature on the Wall Street Journal's 'Secrets of the CEO' video series
What goes into making a successful campaign launch film?
What goes into making a successful campaign launch film?
empty rawr beauty salon
New beauty brand Rawr launches flagship London store with celebrity bash
ford escape revealed at ford escapeville in 2020
Three award wins with Ford and Magna at the Event Marketer Experience Design & Technology Awards
Millions tune in to welcome the Mustang Mach-E to the stable
person sitting on grey floor with cloudy background with stars, holding hand up towards a white light
How will 5G impact everyday experiences?
rawr graphic with colourful abstract art
Lashious Beauty boldly rebrands to RAWR with Imagination
abstract graphic in pink and green
Creating the visual language for JLR's The Pace Season One
wasps rugby fans seated in vodafone business section at the Ricoh Arena in coventry with a vodafone representative
We create a game-changing 5G-enabled fan experience with Vodafone Business
shell deepwater technology vr event with people sat using vr headsets while people watch
Deep Water Exploration VR Experience
helicopters following a landrover defender through different wilderness settings
Here's how we placed emotion at the heart of the Defender VR experience
bima digital day challenge brochures in blue and green placed on a desk
BIMA Digital Day | Digital Initiative at Imagination