The ‘no and low’ alcohol sector has never been stronger in terms of product: there’s now a wealth of beautifully packaged, premium non-alcoholic drinks on the market.

These brands know their audience well – young, health-conscious and affluent – however there’s a job to do when it comes to reaching new demographics, challenging consumer perceptions and cementing brand loyalty through memorable experiences.

In our latest report 'What’s next for NoLo brands?' we discuss the following challenges:

  • Where are the new legions of fans for my NoLo brand?

  • How can I form meaningful connections with new consumers?

  • How can I change preconceived opinions of my product?

There's so much potential when it comes to attracting new consumer groups through shifting perceptions and harnessing the power of experience – but who will be the first alcohol-free brand to capitalise on these opportunities?

Does this sound interesting for your brand?

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