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Connected Experiences Index 2019

10 September 2019
people recording dua lipa performance on their phones with light effects going off

Exploring the power of experience across the US and Europe

From product launches to conferences, exhibitions to live brand experiences, ‘experience’ is now firmly established as a vital strategic pillar for B2B and B2C brands worldwide. We have developed the Connected Experiences Index Report in order to showcase the power of experiences and – crucially – how they can be tracked, measured, and therefore ranked.

The report is an impartial piece of research, published annually, that shows tangible ROI through social amplification, connecting the experience with a far wider audience than those in attendance. Now in its second year, we have expanded the report to cover the UK/Europe and the US, with a top 20 for each region. The Index ranks brand experiences in order of success, based on engagement, measured by social mentions and brand sentiment across several, though not all, social platforms.

Measuring social mentions is important, since it ensures the quality of social engagement as well as the quantity. We have also analysed every experience to explore what drove social amplification and provided data analysis through word clouds and audience demographics.

Click here to download the Connected Experiences Index report 2019.