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Smiling Stars Sydney 2019 wins at C&IT Awards

23 September 2019
Smiling Stars Sydney 2019 wins at C&IT Awards in london

We are delighted to announce that Shell's 'Smiling Stars Sydney 2019', has been awarded the Celebratory Event of the Year at the recent C&IT Awards in London.

Smiling Stars 2019, the annual reward and recognition programme for Shell Retail was hosted in the iconic city of Sydney, Australia from 22-26 June. Over 1,170 guests from 60 countries representing Shell shop and forecourt staff from every corner of the globe were invited to a celebration like no other.

The 2019 incentive event was uniquely challenging as both the Imagination core event team and clients were based in London whilst the event was on the other side of the world in Sydney. The global nature of our agency meant that our Sydney office were able to provide on the ground support for the London office to help manage and overcome event planning challenges, providing a seamless delivery team working around the clock.

We're very thankful for such a huge accolade and recognition for the amazing work of our London and Sydney based teams.