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World's first AI digital interactive feline for Jaguar

28 February 2019
catwalk jaguar lying down animated

In October 2018, we unveiled the world’s first machine learning AI feline to the world. Part of a highly bespoke experience we created for Jaguar Land Rover at the annual Mondial Auto show in Paris, it tells the story of Jaguar’s Adaptive Dynamics Technology and became a huge success among visitors.

We crafted a narrative for the interactive digital feline to delight users in unexpected ways with surprising movements and gamified interactions. Immersing players as an integral part of the experience, we blurred the lines between self-consciousness and the cat’s world and created moments that encourage direct interaction with activities requiring a degree of skill. In our special augmented reality moment, we made the jaguar leap off the screen and join players in the real world, creating a highly shareable and entirely user-generated content, allowing the moment to be taken home and re-lived well beyond the initial experience.


Personifying the Jaguar car as the central part of this highly interactive and responsive experience created a powerful emotional connection.

The experience created strong results with 2875 unique players at Paris and a 70% click-through rate to a personalised social media video - fuelling 299,132,458 Facebook reactions, 492 comments and 21,282 video views.