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Stephen Van Elst talks innovation and creativity on The Jeff Large Podcast

26 June 2020
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Global Creative Innovation Director, Stephen Van Elst, joins Jeff Large on The Jeff Large Podcast to discuss the innovation and creativity that Imagination infuses in branded experiences.

In the episode, Stephen provides insight into making experiences more interactive and engaging for consumers particularly during a time of digital fatigue. Stephen goes on to speak about how you can think about engaging consumers in meaningful ways in a now, near, and in the future framework. “It’s about elevating the experiences so they are something that are sought out”, says Stephen, adding “we look at what technology is new and we combine that new technology with old technology to create a new innovative experience.”

The Jeff Large Podcast dives into the stories of inspiring business owners, experts, and specialists to discover the principles of their success.

Click here to listen to the podcast here.

Stephen Van Elst, Global Creative Innovation Director

Stephen Van Elst

Global Creative Innovation Director, Imagination Detroit

Stephen Van Elst is an international award-winning Experience Director with extensive industry experience, including appointments with Fitch Worldwide, Spinifex Group and Imagination. Having cut his teeth in Imagination’s London office in the early 2000s, Stephen returned to his native Australia where he led Iloura (now Method Studios) in reshaping the company’s creative offering, as well as building Boffswana, the award-winning experiential technology division.

Stephen moved to Los Angeles in 2013 as ECD of Spinifex Group and was promoted to Chief Creative Officer in 2017. Stephen returned to Melbourne in 2019 and rejoined Imagination as Global Creative Innovation Director, where he now leads global teams working at the frontier of experiential digital media.