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Introducing Independent Creativity

18 November 2020

You might have noticed that we’ve updated our website.

While that’s not exactly big news, it’s the most visible expression of a more significant piece of work that we started at the beginning of this year - and which was accelerated by COVID-19 - focusing on the future of our industry, how the world is changing for our clients, and how we can best support them with the capabilities and experience that we have built up over 50 years as an independent creative business.

As with many businesses, the pandemic has been a disruptive force on our industry, it has helped us to home in on the most powerful capabilities that we have as a business - together with the principles which were true when we first founded the company, and which have been a common thread through the past 50 years.

Together, they have crystallised for us our unique standpoint in the world, built on 50 years of learning, adapting and pushing against convention as a diverse team of creative talents.

We call it Independent Creativity, the independence of mind, spirit and action that enables us to conceive and create game changing ideas, experiences and programs of work that can change the status quo for our clients’ businesses.

We have also simplified our offer into four key areas of expertise:

  • Consulting: Strategic partner to businesses and brands to identify opportunities and drive growth

  • Destinations: Destinations that immerse people in your brand and supercharge engagement

  • Content: Innovative storytelling that brings brands to life in the places that matter

  • Live: Must-see moments that reach further and engage more deeply with your audience

The pandemic has highlighted the fact that in times of uncertainty, it’s the ability to think creatively, be adaptable and practical that enables businesses and brands to learn, adjust and thrive. We’re more convinced than ever in the power of Independent Creativity to help us on that journey.

To find out more about our offerings and start a conversation, feel free to get in touch with your local Imagination office here.