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Four nominations at the Design Middle East Awards 2022

09 November 2022
Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup countdown clock

We’re excited to share that we've received four nominations in the year’s Design Middle East Awards.

  • Best Workplace

  • Innovation in design - World Cup Qatar 2022 Countdown Clock

  • Design & build project of the year - World Cup Qatar 2022 Countdown Clock

  • Cultural project of the year - Diriyah Biennale

Briefed to design, develop and build the official countdown clock for the World Cup Qatar 2022TM with a design that would come to represent a symbol of this historic moment in time on the global stage.

Our design needed to appeal to and engage as many people as possible being flexible enough to captivate different audiences, and cultures and to be taken seriously as a global icon of the tournament, with audiences in different time zones worldwide.

Aimed at celebrating the journey to 2022 and beyond, building excitement around Qatar as the Host Country & around the world and enhancing the country’s reputation & cultural relevance. Every second of the journey would be captured, moderated and replayed on the clock, as part of the digital programming and integrated back-end system that created a community we could interact with.

The World Cup brings us all together, the power to unite through the beautiful game. Our concept was simple and born from a single thought - The Sands of Time. A design that represents and celebrates both football and Qatari culture.


Inspired by the infinity symbol, which reflects the event's interconnected nature, fusing tradition with modernity, we transformed a two-dimensional identity into a three-dimensional sculptural form that transforms as audiences walk around it.

Our ‘Sands of Time’ concept was designed to be viewed in 360 degrees giving audiences striking views of not only the content being generated but also the exceptional landscape of its location and surroundings, framed by the spectacular Doha city skyline in the background.

Our chosen location for the clock was the Corniche Fishing Spot at the heart of the Doha Corniche. As part of our experience, we offset the clock on the main jetty site, perfectly aligned to the city skyline - from one side, a view of the future towards West Bay and the other, a view of heritage heroing the Amiri Diwan and historical Souq Waqif.

The Design Middle East Awards are one of the most popular award ceremonies in the region. The award ceremony will seek to recognise individual excellence, company strengths, and project success.

We look forward to the awards ceremony on the 11th of November when the winners will be announced. Congratulations to everyone who made the shortlist.

You can view the full shortlist here.