Join our digital event with exclusive research unveiling on Wednesday, September 27th - 10 AM BST // 11 AM CEST // 1 PM GST.

Sports, a timeless passion igniting the hearts of millions, have evolved into a powerful stage for brands to forge connections with their audiences.

Yet, as commercialisation tightens its grip, the very essence of sports - the fans - can feel overlooked in the pursuit of profits. It's time for a change.

We believe in putting the fans back in the spotlight. Successful brands enhance the fan experience, not hinder it, to genuinely connect with their audiences in the realm of sports.

To unravel the passion of sports enthusiasts, we conducted an exclusive survey of 2,000 fans from both the UK and the US. We delved into their thoughts on the increasing commercialisation of sports and the evolving role of sponsors in their favourite games.

Join us for an exclusive first look at the research findings. Discover how your brand can harness and genuinely engage the fandom through innovative activations and experiences.

Our expert panel, composed of leaders from Adidas, PepsiCo, and Behavioural Scientist, Patrick Fagan, will delve into the results, dissecting the implications and charting a course for authentic fan engagement.

Join us as we share:

  • The launch of our exclusive sports fan consumer research, with findings supported by behavioural science insights

  • The new rules for successful fan engagement

  • A view from the brands: Hear how Adidas and PepsiCo are approaching sports activations

  • The growing role of experiential in sports sponsorship

If you're ready to up your game, register to attend here: UK webinar, US webinar.