We’re privileged to be a creative partner to Genesis at this monumental period in the brand’s journey, kicking off the relationship by creating Genesis’s first Auto Show experience in China, and world premier of a new vehicle outside of Korea. Our partnership also includes work on the press conference revealing the brand’s first ever electric vehicle. Auto Shanghai 2021 — The 19th International Automobile Industry Exhibition is one of the world's largest auto fairs and runs from April 21 to 28, 2021.


"Launching the brand in China represents a significant, perhaps the most important, new chapter in our brand's history," said Markus Henne, CEO Of Genesis Motor China. "Genesis will focus on brand building in the early stage. We will continue to reveal more highlights of how we plan to appeal to our Chinese audience. I am confident to deliver this promise and invite everyone to be a part of this journey."

Imagination China’s Managing Director, Julien Dupuis, said “It’s a great honor and achievement for the team to be part of this historic moment for the brand, partnering with Genesis to deliver a number of important firsts — the first appearance at the Shanghai Auto Show, the first ever world premiere of a new product outside of South Korea and the brand's first ever electric model."

Launching at SHAS 2021 we reveal Genesis with confidence and artful suspense, ‘The Genesis of Genesis’ experience influences the customer journey by encouraging a sense of exploration and intimacy with the brand. The architecture exemplifies the brand’s modern simplicity and luxurious character.

The welcoming space includes the ‘GV80 Art of Inspiration’ space where guests are met with a stunning mirrored kaleidoscope, aimed to fully encapsulate Generation Genesis’s bold perspectives on life and style. Inside guests can select their environment and interact with the digital art piece. The result is a sharable piece of content based on the expression of the individual’s unique personality.

The 'Genesis Brand Cubes' offer visitors an opportunity to embark on a unique exploration. Making their way from room to room, guests will uncover a series of multisensory worlds that transform curiosity into a transcendent intimate experience. Inside the cubes, the boundaries between viewer and artwork dissolve. The immersive experience further stimulates the senses with Genesis’s signature scent, leaving visitors inspired and ready to keep exploring.

Next, the 'Genesis Gallery', a physical meeting point and manifestation of the Genesis culture. This brand sanctuary is curated to augment the confidence and distinct personality of the brand by effortlessly giving a glance into the world of Genesis. The lifestyle lounge curates four window displays that resemble distinctly modernist paintings of the brand’s culture, expansion, brand level and architecture. The lounge also features a 10-meter long bar with the brand’s Two Lines brightly lit up as the background alongside a crossover corner with fashion designer Xander Zhou.