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Borussia Dortmund Champions League final celebrations

12 June 2024

In the run-up to a highly anticipated Champions League Final, we partnered with Borussia Dortmund (BVB) to bring the vibrant energy of their fanbase to the streets of London in a pre-match celebration. With a short lead time of three weeks to the final, we worked with BVB to create a series of events, from exclusive parties to fan activations, we ensured the City of London was awash in yellow and black, showcasing the unity and passion of Borussia Dortmund supporters.

Painting London Yellow & Black

Our goal before the match was clear: turn London into a sea of yellow and black. With BVB fans flooding the streets of London, we knew we had to keep them at the heart of the activation - celebrating the Yellow Wall fanbase that BVB is famous for. We achieved this with a series of branded activations throughout the city, which included two branded London buses offering tours for BVB fans, three branded taxis and five LED vans distributing merchandise at key fan bases. Additionally, two LED bicycles roamed the streets, further amplifying the BVB presence. To accompany these activations, we posted an army of BVB branded Beefeater Guards around London, stationing them at key fan locations and hotels to welcome guests as they arrived into London for the big game. These activations together ensured the city was unmistakably marked by BVB colours and spirit.

Hyde Park Fanzone: The Yellow Wonderwall

One of the most engaging fan activities took place at the Hyde Park Fanzone, featuring the impressive Yellow Wonderwall. This massive sign invited BVB fans to leave messages of support and capture memorable photos. The Wonderwall quickly became a social media sensation, with numerous examples appearing online, particularly highlighted by the women’s BVB football site. Fans who had flown in from Germany, along with local supporters flocked to the wall, contributing to a collective display of passion and dedication.

Employee Embassy: Hard Rock Cafe Takeover

The iconic Hard Rock Cafe played host to 800 BVB employees, transforming the venue into the "Employee Embassy" for a pre-match party. With a complete buyout of the venue, the space was dedicated to BVB staff, allowing them to soak in the excitement and camaraderie ahead of the big game. The atmosphere was electric, filled with team spirit and anticipation, setting the perfect tone for the match day.

Sponsors' Celebration at Sophie’s Steakhouse

Over at Sophie’s Steakhouse in Soho, sponsors enjoyed an exclusive pre-match celebration lunch. This sophisticated event provided a relaxed environment for sponsors to network, discuss their shared enthusiasm for BVB, and revel in the pre-match excitement. It was a testament to the strong relationships and community spirit that support the club's endeavours.

BVB After Party at Outernet

The festivities didn't end with the match. An exclusive BVB After Party was hosted at the Outernet, catering to players, sponsors, family, and other VIPs. Meticulously managed by our team, the event covered food and beverage, security, hosting, venue decoration, branding, and production. This celebration provided a fitting conclusion to a day filled with excitement, unity, and the indomitable spirit of BVB.

BVB's pre-match celebrations in London were a spectacular display of true fan loyalty, engagement and team spirit. From exclusive gatherings to city-wide activations, we successfully turned London yellow and black, leaving an indelible mark on the city and its inhabitants.