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Imagination hosts National Saturday Club Masterclass

09 June 2022

On Saturday the 28th of May we hosted a ‘Masterclass’ at the Imagination offices with the Saturday Club Trust, an educational charity that provides extra-curricular programmes for 13-16-year-olds in the UK through their National Saturday Club initiative.

The Masterclass is a key part of the programme, connecting Clubs with a network of industry experts, giving members and tutors rare access to some of the UK’s most creative minds. It also showcases the way in which the skills developed at a Saturday Club can be applied in the real world. For many members, their Masterclass experience is the moment they realise that their passions and interests have the potential to develop into fulfilling and rewarding careers.

Imagination hosted Film & Media Clubs from the Cambridge School of Creative Industries, Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Wolverhampton for a Masterclass. In keeping with the collaborative spirit of our industry, we hosted the session in partnership with creative studio and production company Sliced Studio, to give the Clubs a full picture of the resources and talent involved in content production.

The Masterclass was themed around short-form storytelling, and saw the Club members tackling a live client brief, as they faced the daunting task of going from a blank page to a pitch presentation in only 4 short hours. Split into 5 teams and armed with a stack of magazines, scissors, glue and their own imagination, they went through a rapid version of the creative process, creating an outline, moodboard, storyboard and soundscape for a 30 second piece of content.

The results were seriously impressive, as the club members quickly devised and conceptualised ideas to promote a new sports festival aimed at millennials. Their ability to collaborate, delegate and meet a deadline at such an early stage in their careers was inspiring. As they got up on stage to present back their work, it was a reminder to us all that creativity is all about diversity of perspectives, and that the best ideas come from unexpected combinations.

As a creative agency, it's so important for us to support and nurture young emerging talent, showing the possibilities of potential career paths within the industry and we’re very proud to have a long-standing relationship with the Trust.