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Creating the visual language for JLR's The Pace Season One

18 November 2019
abstract graphic in pink and green

Content Creative Director, Cath Elliot, discusses how we created a unique visual language to help tell the musical and technological story behind the world's most remixed song. This formed part of The Pace Season One launch event for Jaguar Land Rover with British singer-songwriter Dua Lipa.

Creating a unique visual language

To kick off the JLR The Pace Season One experience, we created a unique visual language that helped tell the music and technology story of the remix. While driving the new I-PACE vehicle, Dua Lipa triggered the car's innovative, in-built software to create a unique remix of the track 'Want To' based on data from the drive.

We started by visualising the six data sets extracted from the I-PACE, giving personality to Speed, Energy Consumption, Distance, Ecoscore, Heading and Regenerative Braking in the form of 'data tease' animations; an extension of the main event identity.

We then allowed these personalities to unfold into four digital landscapes which corresponded to the structure of Dua Lipa's song, reserving the visually powerful, kinetic/electrical energy display for the chorus with further infographic waypoint data extracted from the I-PACE.

To make this all happen we partnered with the insanely talented bunch at Territory Studio.

Bridging the digital and physical experience

The evening saw Dua Lipa launch her new track at a secret gig at Sugar City to a live audience of 1000 guests. This incredible performance was further brought to life with lasers and lighting which were designed to bridge the digital and physical experience, creating a highly immersive and visceral experience.

To further drive campaign efforts we empowered music fans around the world to create their own version of Dua Lipa’s song. Collectively, this magnified a fully integrated campaign and delivered substantial longer-term impact by creating the most remixed song in history.

A hugely successful show with an amazingly talented group of people. We are very proud to have been part of this experience.