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Lincoln wins best stand at the Shanghai Auto Show

29 April 2021
Lincoln Shanghai auto show

We are pleased to announce that our work for Lincoln has won the 'best stand' award at the Shanghai Auto Show. It was awarded by the governing body of the auto show organiser CCPIT.

We collaborated with Lincoln to refresh its auto show presence for the Shanghai Auto Show, to better reflect personal luxury while clearly expressing the incredible technology that the brand is pioneering.

Our Immersive Pavillion experience was born from the desire to find more opportunities to be expressive with product displays, creating a genuine journey across the footprint. Like a home, each area had distinct characteristics that are bound in a unified mid-century aesthetic. This aspect of timeless luxury brings it all together in a consistent experience that is bold and exciting.

Spaces flow and spill into each other, changing the nature of a brand conversation into something more personal and intimate, galleries become informal lounges, and elegant stairs lead to a long-spanning deck. This contrast of themes plays with Lincoln’s effortless command of the horizon, that unique balance of sea and air that excites the imagination and evokes feelings of quiet flight.

From the first approach, the stand is immediately recognisable. An iconic statement within the auto show environment conveying a sense of permanence. Instead of concentrating the entire structure at the rear of the stand, our generous upper deck runs perpendicularly to the delicate glass house, while the front pavilion has an incredible presence at the fore of the stand.

The overarching design concept for the pavilion is ‘Future Lab’. This 5D canvas is designed to bring guests closer to Lincoln. Fusing multisensory technologies with art, it is a focal point for real Lincoln luxury experiences. Each year it will be re-invigorated with new artwork that pushes the boundaries of interactivity and immersion, transporting guests with Lincoln’s new vision of luxury.

This year the Future Lab features an incredible, interactive expression of the new Lincoln Constellation on board experience. A dynamic multimedia installation inspired by Lincoln’s new Human Machine Interface (HMI), it immerses guests in a place that responds uniquely to them. Every movement and expression is captured by full-body motion sensors, and reinterpreted on the double storey interactive LED, transforming guest’s motion into elegant floating stars, twisting nebulas and biomorphic cosmic winds.

Moving further into the stand our new ‘Product Windows’ offer opportunities for engagement to accompany the products on display. Inspired by the Zephyr, we created a three dimensional lighting display of beautifully engineered ‘voxels’ as the central art piece.

Finally, the Glass House ties it all together: A beautifully styled lobby leading to a Boston style bar and upper deck -- a place of respite with a view across the auto show.