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Imagination is a CreaTech 'ones to watch'

21 September 2021
createch ones to watch 2021 event promo on sky blue background

We are excited to announce that Imagination has made CreaTech's 'ones to watch' list for 2021.

The UK Creative Industries Council (CIC) promotes and protects opportunities for growth in the UK Creative Industries. CreaTech is one such opportunity, with high growth in investment and jobs in new emerging areas. The CreaTech 100 Ones to Watch provide an annual showcase of innovative UK-based companies which are creating new business opportunities in B2B and B2C at the interface between creativity and technology. They help us to explain this dynamic new part of the creative industries to investors, ministers and the industry at large, and to demonstrate British creativity and ingenuity.

The selection process took account of the following five factors:

1. Surprise – is it something we haven’t come across before? Is it cool and surprising in the way creativity meets technology?

2. Purpose – does it solve a problem and deliver new opportunities in the way people live, work, play and learn?

3. Disruption – does it show potential to transform the way businesses operate and service markets?

4. Opportunity for global collaboration/cross-sectoral impact – does it encourage partnerships and collaboration across sectors and industries in the UK and worldwide?

5. Commercial impact – is the innovation far enough along to be able to offer evidence of likely commercial viability?