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AI: Ready to disrupt experience design?

23 March 2018
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Digital Creative Director, Yann Caloghiris, spoke at SXSW 2018, sharing insights about how AI tools could be introduced into an Experience Design methodology.

In his talk – AI: Ready to Disrupt Experience Design? – Yann showed how AI has begun to permeate Imagination's design process in Detroit.

Examples ranged from emotional analytics to iterative design tools.

As today’s rudimentary tools mature, AI experts believe designers will step back from hands-on labor and let the software generate ideas and even suggest complete solutions.

He raised the question: “How useful—and how good—can the resulting designs be?”

In this world, design will become more like curation and management. Our digital tools will generate iterations based on vast data sets, and we will decide what works. In the best case scenario, more like an on-hand expert than an assistant, it would propose alternates or nudge you toward ‘better’ solutions.

From analysing human emotion, focusing crucially on its ability for beta testing UX for future design experiences, through sharing the results of pilot initiatives, Yann presented two different viewpoints on the value AI in the field. They shared the opportunities and risks, as well as real actionable processes for the application of AI in the experience design field.

Yann's talk was delivered at the JW Marriott to a 650-strong audience, and had strong engagement with 2,500 favouriting it.

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