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A next-level experience for Genesis at the Chengdu Auto Show

03 September 2021

Progressive luxury met audacious innovation in our experience for Genesis at the Chengdu Auto Show. We staged a distinctive press conference event and created a next-level stand design including two inspiring experience touchpoints, the Genesis Galaxy Room and the G70 ‘Design your Dynamism’ experience.

The Chinese premiere of the Genesis G70

We needed to create a moment that would capture the vehicle’s distinct luxury and dynamic driving performance. As a young and vibrant city that’s unafraid to be bold, Chengdu was the perfect place to make that statement.

We knew a simple piece of 2D LED content wouldn’t be enough to capture the dynamic personality of the G70, so we challenged ourselves to find a more fitting solution that spoke to its strengths.

We, therefore, used a lightweight scrim gauze to create a three-dimensional wrap-around cubic canvas that would intrigue as well as reveal. Four-sided projection allowed us to create contours of light that complemented the strong lines of the G70, while staying true to the Genesis brand. By playing with the different surfaces we created a depth of content around the vehicle that left little doubt to its significance in the landscape of automotive luxury.

The Genesis Galaxy Room

As guests step inside the Genesis Galaxy Room, they find themselves in a boundless universe, immersed in a galaxy made up of the iconic Genesis emblem. Each badge represents one of the 500,000 Genesis owners worldwide, as well as the infinite possibilities that Genesis presents. This is a space that reacts to your every move, casts you in your best light and creates memorable moments for you to capture and share with the world in confidence.

G70 ‘Design your dynamism’ experience

Created in the spirit of the new Genesis luxury sports sedan, the G70 experience is a dynamic art installation that challenges perspective and expectations. It also provides an interactive photo experience that guests can participate in.

[Make sure to check out the interactions… they're incredibly immersive and take the auto show to the next level]

Markus Henne

CEO, Genesis Motor China