How do you demystify complex science for a wide audience?


A carbon neutral 2070

Shell transformed complex climate science into an accessible and immersive experience for festival goers in London.

July 2018


peoplevisited the activation


were aged 18-30


felt more informedabout the future of energy


km travelledby virtual cyclists


A positive outlook

In 2015, the Paris Agreement sent a signal around the world: climate change is one of the most serious threats to humanity. In response, Shell’s team of futurists published a report on how these targets could be met.

Shell is doing what many activists have said large oil companies should do.


The road to change

It presents an optimistic view of the future, where a thriving, carbon neutral world is possible by 2070. This compelling report provided a clear roadmap for change. But to be truly impactful it needed to resonate with with a wider audience than academics and industry experts.

Bringing the future to life

At Make the Future Live, Shell’s public festival of energy and ideas, we brought its work to life as an immersive digital world. Award-winning animators built Asian and European landscapes that transformed from present day to 2070 to demonstrate how the way the world is powered will change.

Clear, digital activations

Displayed across four 6x4 metre screens with a bespoke soundtrack, the activation took complex ideas and communicated them in an accessible and joyful way, surprising and delighting a sceptical audience. 87% left feeling more informed about the future of energy.


Value for the audience

By making the activations so accessible, the audience were able to get to better understand one of the biggest issues the world is facing.

Value for the brand

The activation was visited by 10,000 people and 75% of them were between 18-30, helping Shell create positive brand perceptions with the younger generation.

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