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Experiences that made me Becca Dropkin

06 September 2022
Experiences that made me Becca Dropkin

In this series, we ask Imagination talent all about the experiences that have made them who they are. This month, hear from Becca Dropkin our Creative Strategist in London.

A bit about me...

Data junkie. Behavioural economics nerd. Striving to create a positive impact through the work I do. A hot apple crumble. A cold pint. The great outdoors. Eric B. & Rakim on repeat.

Becca Dropkin at Brewery
Becca Dropkin in countryside

The creative experience that’s influenced me the most...

My mum worked at The Royal Opera House when I was a kid. I’d regularly visit and marvel at the talented creators in the set and costume departments. It was a magic place; the artistry and passion was palpable. Looking back, I guess since then I’ve always craved creative, buzzing environments.

Becca Dropkin

My industry hero is...

Business and strategy visionary, Simon Sinek, who taught me to always start with why — “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”


The piece of work I’m most proud of...

We recently did a short but sharp piece of consultancy work for an alcohol brand. It’s not always simple to measure the effectiveness of that kind of work, but within months of implementing our simple recommendations, they enjoyed a significant uplift in revenue. It was so rewarding to see small strategic tweaks transform into something measurable so fast!

The piece of work that makes me cringe...

At uni (I studied graphic design) we were tasked with designing a small sculpture that represented our personality. I decided to make a small boat entirely from lemon sherberts. The visual metaphor was opaque at best (something about a boat that can never go on water? Hmm).

The learning? If a concept doesn’t make sense in one line, it doesn’t make sense at all. Also, boiled sweets make for disobedient building materials.

The experience I wish I had created...

Great service design gives me great pleasure, even at the smallest scale. Napoli Gang (aka the best pizzeria in London) have transformed the process of ordering on Deliveroo from a service to an experience. Tongue-in-cheek copy projects their personality, the packaging features fun illustrations, the tiramisu comes in a free funky glass, plus you get stickers, freebies and a curated playlist to set the scene for pizza heaven.

Advice to my 18-year-old self...

Never try and solve something alone - collaboration is where the magic happens.

What's next?

I'm working on a top-secret project that I'm very excited about - watch this space!