Hello, we're Imagination

Hello, we're Imagination
A global independent experience company

A global independent experience company

We’re an independent experience company with 14 offices worldwide. For over 50 years we have specialised in creating experiences that change how people feel, think and act.

Whether it be increasing brand reputation and preference, driving sales or shaping product design, ultimately, we believe in the power of experience to transform behaviour. And we measure the impact of everything we do, ensuring our experiences are insight driven, optimised and aligned to our clients' objectives.

  • We believe in the power of experience to transform behaviour

Our services

We offer a broad range of integrated services and skills across three core areas: Insight, Platforms and Analytics.





User Experience


Brand Experiences

Social Media

Brand/Visual Identities

Digital Platforms

Hotel & Leisure

Immersive Technology


Live Events





Data Science


We measure the impact of everything we do

We measure the impact of everything we do

The analytics from our experiences drive data insights and continual improvement. That's because we make them as smart and connected as possible. Every experience is built on a technology layer that enables us to monitor, assess and evolve individual journeys through them in real time. XPKit, our Connected Experience Toolkit, connects the complete customer journey and aligns them with our clients' CRM systems.

  • Our work is measurably world class
Imagination Labs

Imagination Labs

True innovation comes from an open and collaborative approach, allowing us to broaden our horizons beyond the obvious.

That is why we set up Imagination Labs, an innovation programme and space to inspire and help our clients explore the future of experiences.

Labs consists of three key pillars:

Hackspace - A place to experiment, prototype, make, test and learn fast.
Workshop - A place to co-create with clients, using our IDEA framework.
Showcase - A place to showcase our existing work and gain inspiration.