Hello, we're Imagination

Hello, we're Imagination
About Us 1

We're a global creative agency that works together seamlessly as one

We are unified by our belief in the power of experience to transform behaviour. With a 50-year track record of ideas and innovation, the extraordinary is every day for us. Our unique blend of business, strategy, technology, production and creative expertise lets us create any experience we can imagine, shaped very precisely to produce measurable change for our clients.

  • Imagination is recognised as the world's leading authority on brand experience

We transform business through creativity

Our creativity delivers practical, purposeful change for our clients.

We make sure that everything we do achieves specific goals, precisely defined by our clients’ strategic needs. We’ve helped with everything from supporting corporate strategy to building brand engagement and growing customer loyalty.

  • We have over 60 creative specialisms in house

Our Services

We offer a broad range of integrated services and skills across three core areas: Insight, Platforms and Analytics.

XI: Insight




User Experience

XP: Platforms

Brand Experiences

Social Media

Brand/Visual Identities

Digital Platforms

Hotel & Leisure

Immersive Technology


Live Events


XA: Analytics



Data Science


About Us 2

We measure the impact of everything we do

The analytics from our experiences drive data insights and continual improvement. That's because we make them as smart and connected as possible. Every experience is built on a technology layer that enables us to monitor, assess and evolve individual journeys through them in real time. XPKit, our Connected Experience Toolkit, connects the complete customer journey and aligns them with our clients' CRM systems.

  • Our work is measurably world class
Transforming business

We make it all unforgettable

We've created one-off spectaculars, permanent experience centres, immersive real and virtual brand worlds, stunning showcases and much more, for companies like Shell, Ford, JLR, Canon, GE, Guinness, Glen Grant, Harvey Nichols, Prada – and many others.

We've created wonderful experiences for millions worldwide, helping our clients build their businesses through transformational creativity.

  • We believe anything is possible, working as one