Turning the biggest sales event of the year virtual


Telstra Vantage 2020 Remixed

The annual Telstra Vantage event attracts over 5,000 attendees, and is the biggest single driver of the enterprise sales pipeline year on year. In 2020, COVID-19 required us to reimagine Telstra Vantage as an all-virtual experience, while still delivering stellar content, high attendance, stimulating discussion and return on investment.

November 2019


of attendeesrated the experience good to excellent

3hr 50mins

average engagement time


of attendeesrated the website experience good to excellent


Vantage Remixed

We worked with Telstra and strategic partner CHE Proximity to define a framework that would transfer the Vantage program that customers know and trust, into an engaging online experience. Our foundation was the core of the Vantage DNA; memorable inspiring experiences, solving problems, unlocking opportunities, and sparking new connections.

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A remixed opener

The Telstra Vantage Remixed opener kicked off the experience. Using the latest techniques in artificial intelligence and machine learning, we worked with the Australian winners of the Eurovision A.I. Song Contest to create a truly unique version of a well known Australian track. The execution seamlessly merged the benefits of the Telstra network, 5G and AI to deliver an inspiring musical piece that only Telstra Vantage Remixed could deliver.

Creative delivery

In addition to the overarching brand design the Imagination team went on to consult on the UX and design of the digital platform with partners Telstra Purple and Satellite Media. We developed speaker scripts, defined an extensive motion content toolkit, and worked alongside production partner Gravity to deliver a range of speaker content. Finally, we developed a program of social and direct communications for over 40,000 invited guests.

“The keynotes were fantastic - great speakers and very relevant topics. Also the ability to still deliver a complete agenda virtually with no physical venue was great.”

Event attendee


Value for the audience

We delivered Telstra Vantage Remixed to a highly engaged audience, delivering the lowest ever drop-out rates of any event (physical or virtual), and 89% of event attendees returning to watch the on-demand content. Over 95% of attendees rated the quality of speakers, content and the agenda relevance to be good to excellent.

Value for the brand

The Telstra Vantage Remixed experience attracted over 3,000 customer attendees, and 96% of attendees rated the experience good to excellent. As a result of the Remixed experience, 74% of attendees have a more positive impression of Telstra.

"Amazing result considering the environment and current climate across the globe."

Event attendee

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