Breaking the mold: Transforming the industry with a people first approach


National Plastics Expo 2018

As a new player to the plastics industry, Shell worked to create a one of a kind experience based around its people first approach, setting itself apart as the partner of choice in the polyethylene industry.

August 2018


exceeded base targetsfor lead generation goals


sales commitment achievedfor 2019 ($54M)/exceeded goal of 25%


media impressions


story at NPE


Building awareness

The National Plastics Expo is the world’s leading plastics trade show and conference drawing thousands of attendees and exhibitors each year. Shell’s focus was on building awareness of Shell Polymers as a newcomer in the plastics industry and as a world class asset backed by a team of industry experts demonstrating their commitment to superior service.

Delivering an unrivalled experience

Creating a show stopping, attention grabbing double decker booth designed to leave a lasting impression through the use of stunning architectural elements, bespoke digital content and a team of experts ready to demonstrate Shell Polymers’ commitment to delivering an unrivalled experience.

A lasting impression

Visitors were able to get hands on experience with the new Shell brand through an innovative 3D model of the Polymers factory along with digital displays which presented relevant data and imagery from the project. Centering the experience around hospitality while also showcasing Shell Polymers’ use of the latest production and logistics technology created a stand out experience establishing its reputation in the polyethylene industry.


Value for the audience

Shell got the attention of the entire Polymers industry with an award winning stand unlike any other and the promise of transforming the industry with its customer first approach, next level technology and streamlined supply chain. The incredibly successful launch of the Polymers brand created a lasting impression in its customer base generating and exceeding the expected lead generation by four times between new customers and the development of existing relationships.

“I’ve been in the plastics industry for over 20 years and have attended almost every NPE and K Show for the last couple of decades. You put together one of the best, if not the best, customer appreciation event I had the opportunity to participate in.”

Key customer

Value for the brand

Shell proved itself to be a serious player in the plastics industry leaving a lasting impression on its customer base and becoming the number one story at NPE. The exciting and fully immersive experience reached a wide virtual audience beyond NPE, generating 4.33M media impressions driving enormous web traffic and exceeding Shell's benchmark. Shell Polymers truly made its audience "Start Believing" that a newer, better customer experience is not only possible, but it's already here.

"Awesome work and partnership. I would like to extend a very warm thank you to you all for contributing to such an awesome and successful launch of Shell Polymers!"

Head of Brand

Shell Polymers

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