Invigorating the Dealership Experience

We collaborated with Ford to develop a digital experience as part of the new Ford Guest Experience programme.

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Reclaiming customer conversations

Using technology, Ford wanted to explore new ways of empowering frontline sales and service teams by placing consumers at the center of the funnel. The new digital platform was to be implemented across hundreds of dealerships in six markets. Our challenge? Developing a tool that would readily integrate at regional level but remain relevant at a local scale. Imagination wanted to create an environment for Ford to reclaim customer conversation and enable front line teams on an ongoing day-to-day basis.

Ford Digital Sales Tool
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Empowered journeys

We investigated the overall customer journey closely and developed an easy-to-use sales tool tailored to resolving key pain points. The end product equipped key dealership teams with every possible tool they might need to facilitate an engaging prospect meeting – from product demos, product comparisons, through to pricing and financing options. Our improved dealership experience invigorated customer exploration in a visually engaging and flexible way.

Ford Digital Sales Tool by Imagination
Ford Digital Sales Tool by Imagination

//"Imagination's capability and creativity in the areas of digital innovation and problem solving provided the difference we needed to create a sales and service experience that is distinctly Ford that all our guests can trust." David Jeffrey | Consumer Experience Director - Ford AP Operations

Ford Digital Sales Tool
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