An Unforgettable Experience

We transformed prestigious Palau Sant Jordi into a palace of dreams for Huawei's annual Mobile World Congress Official Gala in Barcelona.

February 2018


consecutive yearof Huawei's Mobile World Congress official gala


guestsmade up of VIP clients, partners and company execs




Inspiring discerning audiences to dream big

Every year Huawei hosts a show stopping gala exclusively for VIP clients, partners and company execs. Our clients sought to maintain momentum for a loyal list of attendees by creating the most unforgettable gala they have ever experienced.

Never stop dreaming

Having collaborated with Huawei since the gala’s inception in 2014, we built on our unique insight to conceptualise the greatest celebration yet. We developed ‘Never Stop Dreaming’ and created a breathtaking storyline that captivated audiences with world-class entertainment.

A show to remember

Our inspirational evening transformed the prestigious Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona into a palace of dreams, seamlessly weaving together a diverse set of live performances, that left a lasting impression on Huawei’s VIP stakeholders.

An unforgettable evening! This has been such a great experience - a lot of fun and very inspirational.

Huawei stakeholder


Value for the audience

This event reaffirmed a number of key VIP guests love of Huawei.

Value for the brand

This experience ensured that Huawei were able to make a strong impression of a specific number of VIP guests, ensuring they remained loyal.

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