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Canon Expo New York 2015

An immersive three day expo showcasing Canon’s most future-forward technologies to visitors across the globe, further positioning the brand as a creative innovator.

New York
August 2015


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See impossible

Every five years, Canon showcases its most future-forward technologies in an inspiring forum across North America, Europe, and Asia as part of Canon Expo. In 2015, we created an experience that continued to position the brand as creative innovator where visitors joined Canon in seeing what was previously considered impossible.

Creative innovation

We created a three day expo to truly immerse tens of thousands of buyers, dealers, and distributors of Canon products in the future of imaging technology. Inspired by the vibrancy and vigor of New York City, the experience brought to life New York’s famous landmarks and icons representing just how extraordinary they are.

Echoing the city

Each zone encapsulated the aesthetics and emotions of an exceptional location in the city, and given the consistent NYC theme, each zone built upon the strength of its neighbour.

A cultural mashup

In the Sports Zone, we created a scaled Yankees stadium with live baseball players to demonstrate the capabilities of Canon’s Super-Telephoto and broadcast lenses. In the Industry Zone, we used the form language of Brooklyn Naval Yards as a backdrop to display the potential of Canon Mixed Reality technologies.


Value for the audience

The audience were able to get hands on with the latest innovations in a truly immersive setting, as well as attend a choice of 30+ seminars on a range of topics.

In a perfect world, CES would be more like the Canon Expo.


Value for the brand

Canon Expo has reaffirmed the brand’s position as a market and technology leader by ensuring it reached a wide number of people. Outside of the 9,000 who attended, there were 1.2 million microsite page views.

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