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AWS re:Invent Innovation Day 2021

Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent Innovation Day exists to inspire the world with stories from the most innovative, pioneering technology leaders on the planet. In 2021, AWS re:Invent went fully virtual, with Innovation Day moving from a live stage, to a series of virtual worlds created entirely in Unreal Engine.

November 2021


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The Idea

Finding a whole new AWSome

After successfully taking re:Invent virtual in May 2021, Imagination took on the challenge of taking this new edition to a whole new level. With online event fatigue kicking in, we needed to find a way to cut through the same old, same old, and bring these incredible stories to life in exciting new ways.

Creating the future together

The exciting part of re:Invent Innovation Day was that so many of the AWS solutions and products were still in development as we filmed - which meant we had to create the future. AWS customers told the stories, as the Imagination team created scenes from the future to help the audience realise the potential of the technology being developed.

Fast & Furious

With 90 minutes of content to create in just 8 weeks, we needed to create a smart, efficient and creative production pipeline from script to finished product in time. 

Unreal Engine gave us the creative freedom to create virtual worlds of the future, while AWS Nimble became our secret weapon to both render and fileshare to our global team of artists in the cloud at pace.

Value for the Audience

We took a virtual conference to the next level with this Amazon Prime-worthy show. 

Fascinating stories about how AI, ML and cloud computing improve the lives of billions around the world and soon in space.

Value for the Brand

Moving to virtual delivery broke the mould for AWS, both in terms of where the best stories could come from, and who gets to experience them. No longer bound by live dates, talent availability or proximity meant we could source the best stories from all over the world. Likewise, delivery online meant we reached more customers, in more markets than ever before - further expanding AWS thought leadership around the world.

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