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Inspired by Old Forester’s unique position as the first bottled bourbon and only bourbon to be continuously sold before, during and after prohibition, we are humbled to have been asked to help design its new home.

Brown-Forman wanted to develop a distillery experience for Old Forester that complements its tremendous place in bourbon history and establishes the brand as a cornerstone of the Urban Bourbon experience on Louisville’s Whiskey Row.

On December 31, 2018 our Sydney team prepared a dazzling celebration alongside the City of Sydney that inspired audiences around the world.

With festivities bringing 2018 to a close Imagination looks back on the truly remarkable year it has been for the industry. As experiences steadily climbed further up the agendas of CMOs this past year, we reveal our Top 5 picks from the Imagination Labs report ranked by originality and creativity in celebration of best practice and great work. From transformed NYC subways to Retail gaming experiences, there have been some great efforts that captured the essence of brands this year:


With Christmas drawing closer it was time again for our annual Imagination presentation and awards ceremony.

The morning began with a presentation from Patrick Reid, CEO and Julian Baker, Chief Creative Officer, recapping on the brilliant work we had done over the past year and what is to come in the New Year. It was then followed by the awards ceremony with awards for our four core principles and team awards. The winners are as follows:


Colin Rivett - Global Creative Lead


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