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A week on from effweek 2018, our team are still energised by the impact that data effectiveness can have on creating powerful brand experiences.

The annual conference organised by the institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), has sparked a great deal of discussion and ongoing debate around measurement and the effectiveness of Marketing efforts within the industry.

Paris Motor Show is one of the world’s most popular motoring events with over a million car enthusiasts visiting biennially. Imagination designed and installed Jaguar Land Rover’s stunning showcase, continuing its year of celebration with vehicles from its legendary past, market-leading present and pioneering future on display.
This year we have also developed a series of new technology displays – Jaguar Labs and Land Rover Labs - designed to communicate Jaguar and Land Rover’s latest technologies in an educational, shareable and measurable way.

Global experience agency Imagination, today announces the appointment of John Steere as Managing Director for China.
In the new role, Steere will be responsible for helming Imagination’s continued growth across China, in addition to leading the company’s ongoing commitment to the innovation of technology-enabled brand experiences.

The Pace is an Innovative, brand-building programme, marking a shift in Jaguar’s PR and Marketing strategy towards a more integrated, experience-driven, multi-channel approach in Europe. Jaguar wanted to develop smart and innovative ways to drive positive brand familiarity in Europe.

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