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Uniting Harley-Davidson fans to celebrate 120th anniversary

06 November 2023

In collaboration with cultural icon Harley-Davidson we brought together over 1,000 riders from all over China to celebrate the 120th anniversary.

200+ Festival Crew

1,000+ Harley Riders

20,000+ SQM Festival

40 H.O.G Chapters participated


United We Ride

Harnessing the tagline ‘United We Ride’ and expressing the true spirit of what embodies Harley-Davidson, Imagination created a one-of-a-kind rally festival to celebrate this milestone anniversary.

Our designs were so desired that Riders designed T-shirts and extended products using them.

The Grand Parade

Envisioned to be more than a ride, we created a spiritual carnival for guests.

“Motorcycle Utopia? I think this is exactly how it should be there.”


Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary China Celebration

Good vibes, roaring engines, fireworks and a live performance by the rock band Twisted Machine, the celebration marked a memorable time, reinforced bonds between Harley-Davidson and its riders.

“As a Harley owner, I’m honoured to take part in the celebration. Absolutely, this was the most sensational commemorative event I have joined in recent years.”

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