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Inspiring, educating and connecting Australia

20 March 2024

Imagination has been working to create Momentum, Commonwealth Bank’s sustainability conference, that is Accelerating Australia’s Transition. Australia's leading businesses are advancing sustainability through Momentum, designed to inspire, educate, and connect leaders on transitioning to a net zero economy.

How are Australia’s largest businesses tackling sustainability, and navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by the transition to a net zero economy?

In its third year, held at Sydney’s International Convention Centre, the event supports CommBank’s mission to lead the transition conversation, by bringing together leading minds to share ideas and insights to help accelerate the nation to a more sustainable and vibrant future.

Working closely with CommBank we created the event's overarching brand, as well as designed the full user experience across every touchpoint.

The challenge we faced was how to authentically connect and compel business leaders that the business decisions they make today, have a critical impact on the future.

Our solution was to make sustainability real, by creating a more sensory and emotive connection to the real-world environments that are at risk, throughout the experience. We also wanted to demonstrate how the transition to zero for every enterprise is different, by showcasing how other businesses are turning insight into action to see success.

We achieved this through INSPIRING, EDUCATING and CONNECTING Australia's top business leaders.


Through stunning stage design, adaptive lighting design and bespoke immersive content, we created a platform worthy of the thought leaders who are helping to shape tomorrow. Leaders such as CommBank CEO Matt Comyn, environmental activist and consumer advocate Erin Brockovich, engineer and entrepreneur Dr. Saul Griffith and environmental scientist and adventurer Tim Jarvis AM inspired on the Momentum stage.

Conference panels tackled topics including strategies to build out net-zero cities of the future, Australia’s opportunity to lead the world in carbon credit markets, unlocking productivity, profitability and sustainability in agriculture, and connecting capital to accelerate the sustainability transition.


Through a wide range of live demonstrations and displays, attendees got hands-on with game-changing technologies and cutting-edge innovation available to the market. From the newest electric vehicles to water-cooled servers to adopting solar at scale, attendees could explore the breadth of solutions and strategies to help their business transition toward zero.


Working closely with the team at CommBank we wanted to curate the right environment and programme, bringing people closer together to network and connect. This came to life through a multitude of CommBank and partner experiences, visualised on the open and highly accessible island stands that would draw in audiences through illuminated curved walls that told different stories of business and technology transformation. These ranged from some of the world's biggest brands to startups and not-for-profits - all fostering the diverse expertise to transition business onto a more sustainable path.

As CommBank’s largest-ever client event and with so much value placed on sustainability, it was imperative the event was delivered in a highly sustainable way. This was achieved through a hybrid approach of blending off-the-shelf hirable elements, with custom-made reusable assets (stored for future use) and biodegradable and recyclable substrates. This featured flexible paper walling and furniture, living plants and green walls to modular curved lightboxes and recycled fabrics. The result was a premium event that not only looked great but pushed industry best practices for sustainable event design.