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Charge Around The Globe: Celebrating Ford's homecoming

27 March 2024

We unveiled the production of a live homecoming celebration in Nice, France, to celebrate Adventurer Lexie Alford and The New All-Electric Ford Explorer leading an extraordinary convoy of Ford vehicles from past and present across the finish line of a record-breaking 30,000-kilometer journey.

Lexie Alford, known as @LexieLimitless, made history by officially becoming the first person to circumnavigate the globe in an electric vehicle, utilising the unparalleled capabilities of the new all-electric Ford Explorer. The celebration marked the culmination of Lexie's groundbreaking journey, showcasing the fusion of innovation, adventure, and sustainability heralding a new era for Ford in Europe.

In September 2023, we managed the key handover at IAA Mobility, Munich, before Lexie embarked on her epic adventure from Nice, France to return in March 2024 securing her official record as she crossed the finish line.


Joining in the excitement, Ford leaders Jim Farley and Martin Sander lent their voices alongside Vicki Butler-Henderson, Jodie Kidd, and Corey Henderson, to capture every moment of this historic event.

The production included over 20 live streams, 15 cameras, helicopters, and drones strategically positioned to capture the iconic scene unfolding on the streets of Nice. This ‘homecoming with a difference’ provided a suitably epic acknowledgement of Lexie Alford and The New All-Electric Ford Explorer for audiences worldwide.

The world record, verified by RecordSetter, meticulously monitored Lexie's journey across various locations worldwide. To achieve this remarkable feat, Lexie and the Explorer traversed more than 30,000 kilometres, passing through two antipodean points and travelling across six continents, with the journey commencing and concluding at the same location.

The New All-Electric Ford Explorer, launched last March 2023 with the Virtual Test Drive, embodies the pinnacle of automotive innovation, heralding a new era of sustainable exploration. The New All-Electric Ford Explorer is now on sale following the homecoming to celebrate Ford's campaign Charge Around The Globe.

Paul Cowan, Business and Strategy Director, Imagination, said: “Ford's live Homecoming celebration represents a pivotal milestone in their electrification journey. From the innovative Virtual Test Drive in March to today's record-breaking achievement, Ford has consistently led the charge in shaping the future of electrification. We firmly believe in leveraging the power of experiences to create compelling content that resonates with audiences on an emotional and rational level and stimulates a meaningful response. We look forward to continued collaboration in producing innovative content that pushes boundaries and inspires progress.”

Martin Sander, general manager Ford Model e Europe, said: “Lexie’s journey has been the ultimate test drive for our new Ford Explorer, taking on every kind of weather and road condition, and dealing with just about every charging scenario. It embodies the true ‘can do’ spirit of this company, seizing this great opportunity to not only test ourselves but also the world’s charging infrastructure. Today’s crossing of the finish line proves just what you can do in the new all-electric Ford Explorer, and we’re delighted that customers will soon be able to find out for themselves.”

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