Inviting investors to dream big with a trailblazing Brazilian fintech

XP Inc.

Roadshow Video

Our Investor Communications team brought XP’s investment story to life through the voices and authentic perspectives of the company’s employees, partners and clients. For a natural and vibrant delivery, a “walk-and-talk” approach, with quick cuts of executives in motion and talk track interwoven, kept the roadshow video high-energy and dynamic. Additionally, we filmed 6 clients, Independent Financial Advisors and asset manager partners giving testimony to XP’s impact in both Portuguese and English. A carefully selected VO artist helped authentically drive the narrative flow.


executives, employees, clients, Independent Financial Advisors and asset manager partners filmed


high-value shoot days in São Paulo, Brazil





Bringing XP’s mission to life

To create a vibrant tapestry that contextualised XP’s mission to transform the financial markets and improve the lives of people in Brazil, we filmed a variety of b-rolls that showed the full lifecycle of XP’s technology, starting with Innovation Squads and followed through to a variety of client segments. We also filmed footage in and around São Paulo’s busy streets, markets, train stations, in homes, and cityscapes from a helipad location to capture everyday life and the use of XP’s technology.

Graphics & online roadshow brand design

Sleek, eye-catching graphics were designed and animated to help visualise the XP Model and self-reinforcing ecosystem, with the flexibility of colour and textures based on the company’s newly updated brand guidelines. A UI-inspired approach to graphics was implemented to highlight XP’s strong financials, and a website skin for the online roadshow interface was designed to match the style of the presentation for a seamless brand experience.

Value for the audience

XP’s IPO roadshow film gave investors an understanding of the company’s client-centric mission-driven culture, its powerful self-reinforcing ecosystem, and its incredible growth story.

Value for the brand

XP went on to price at $27 per share, raising $2.25b at launch. Its stock surged 26% following the IPO and ended the year as the fourth largest transaction of 2019. 

After 8 maximized shoot days, XP also had a more robust catalogue of 4K brand assets available to utilize for future IR marketing and across social channels.

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