Pivoting from product-first to people-first


Vivid - The Night Reimagined

Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 technology was brought to life at the annual Vivid Light festival with an innovative, immersive experience that allowed each visitor to create their own AR Emoji.

May 2018




minutesaverage dwell time


passerby to visitor conversion


Moving towards an experience-led strategy

The Night Reimagined is the start of a more customer-led strategy that steps away from product-led stories and towards brand experiences that connect with consumers in a memorable way.

A cultural partnership

As part of this evolution, Samsung partnered with the annual Vivid Light, Music and Ideas Festival to showcase a new brand experience and the phone’s best-in-class camera capabilities.

Enabling people to do things they never thought possible is at the heart of the Samsung brand. Creating a fun, authentic and memorable technology experience with Vivid Sydney and the Sydney Opera House has been incredible.

Jamie Skaltsounis

Senior Event & Experience Manager, Mobile Division, Samsung Electronics Australia

Creating an immersive, personal experience

We designed a unique sensory journey through a number 9-shaped spiralling corridor of dynamic moving. Once inside, guests could explore a low-light zone and a slow-motion zone, both of which created mesmerising social media-worthy photographic moments.


Value for the audience

The highlight of the experience was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for visitors to create their own Samsung AR Emoji using the Galaxy S9, which was then projected onto the face of Sydney’s iconic Luna Park.

Value for the brand

The Night Reimagined showed Samsung how experience-driven campaigns can help to deepen relationships with customers and reach whole new audiences as well as drive sales. This is supported by the 48 mins average dwell time and 17% passerby to visitor conversion metrics. The projections on Sydney Opera house ensure this Samsung experience will live on as truly iconic.

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