Marking 100 years in style

Royal Australian Navy

International Fleet Review

We conceived, wrote, designed and produced every element of the Royal Australian Navy’s centennial celebrations in Sydney Harbour.

October 2013


spectatorsaround Sydney Harbour


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highest rated live TV showin ABC history


Honouring history

In 1913, the Royal Australian Navy's first seven warships entered Sydney Harbour. In 2013, they wanted to celebrate the centenary of that historic moment and share it with the world.The event had to be sensitive to the people who had served during those 100 years, and also an accessible spectacle for those watching on.

Understanding the real story

We worked with Naval historians, trawled archives and spoke to sailors from every era to put together a journey that did justice to the Navy and its people.

Celebrating the birth of the Royal Australian Navy

With Sydney Harbour as our stage, we introduced the original fleet, described a century of proud service, showed off the Royal Australian Navy’s current capabilities, remembered the fallen and ended with a finale to rival Sydney’s New Year’s celebrations.

A multifaceted event

It was the most complex, highly choreographed show ever seen in Australia. Fireworks were launched from seven warships, combined with a light show, a 30 minute projection show on the Opera House, Harbour Bridge pylons and National Maritime Museum roof, live action on-board ships plus aerial flyovers from the Navy and Air Force.


Value for the audience

Spectators were treated to a visually spectacular event and tuned in in their millions. The event was the most watched live TV show in ABC history.

The biggest display since the city hosted the Olympic Games.

ABC News

Value for the brand

The Royal Navy wanted this to be a widely seen and celebrated event, with over 1.7 million spectators around Sydney Harbour and 2.8 million views on Youtube the experience certainly delivered on this.

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