Reimagining the store for the next generation of shoppers

A global fashion retailer

A vision and blueprint for the future of retail

This global fashion retailer with a significant real estate presence wanted to take a fresh look at their store portfolio to ensure that it would cater to changing shopping behaviours and harness technology to support their growth and transformation ambitions.


Building a picture of customer and business value

Our win/win research approach focused on understanding the needs and behaviours of current and future shoppers, alongside the strategic, operational and commercial fundamentals of the business.

Our team worked in stores, conducted mystery shopper missions, did instore ethnography and expert interviews digging into the psychology of fashion and groups, as well as touchpoint analysis, board-level stakeholder interviews and in and out of category benchmarking.

Finding the moments that matter

Through the research we built a picture of the end-to-end shopper journey across all touchpoints for current and future customer groups. We then isolated the key moments across those journeys in which the store could support customers while creating value for the business.

A strategic north star

Working with a small client team, we developed a vision for the future store, bringing together the most powerful common needs of customer groups, the strategic direction of the business and the unique value in the brand. This was then built out into a series of opportunity areas that ensured that ideas were directed towards the most significant sources of value.

A blueprint for future stores

Our integrated team of service designers, strategists and retail designers then developed a series of store concepts across different scales and functionalities, testing them with customers through focus groups and paper prototypes, then refining into floorplans and final concept.

Value for the audience

We developed a North Star strategy and series of concepts that will enable shoppers to discover and enjoy fashion in way that is more convenient, more sustainable and more enjoyable - meeting them where they are, and creating moments of delight where they really matter.

Value for the brand

We helped the business to see the future store through the eyes of their customers, and created a vision and blueprint that could align the business and inspire internal teams to build a thriving future business.

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