Giving a true original the home it deserves

Old Forester

A Pioneering Spirit

Old Forester was the first bottled bourbon and became legendary after surviving the Prohibition Era. For its triumphant return to Kentucky’s Whiskey Row, we gave it a home that cements its place in history.

New York
June 2018
Top 10 Best New Attraction of 2018 by USA Today


Top 10 best new attractionby USA Today


increase in gross profit


Louisville, the home of bourbon

Louisville’s Whiskey Row is home to the biggest bourbon brands. It’s only right, therefore, that Old Forester returned to where it all started. But this time, they needed a home fit for the 21st Century.

Old Forester, new growth

In an industry first, we designed and delivered a fully-functioning distillery with everything under one roof. From fermentation to bottling, Brown-Forman’s original home became an innovative facility fit for the future.

Distilling the future

Thanks to the new home, Old Forester can manage its total output from one location. This gives it the resources it needs to start growing as a brand and better position itself in the fast-growing bourbon market.


Value for the audience

As well as helping Old Forester ramp up their whiskey production, its new home acts as an flagship experience for bourbon fans. In fact, it was voted one of the top 10 Best New Attractions in 2018 by USA Today.

You have to see it to believe it.

Paul Varga

CEO Brown-Forman

Value for the brand

Old Forester is now back where it belongs, making whiskey history in the heart of Kentucky. Gross profits have increased by 9%, continuing to command their place in whiskey history while gaining a new generation of fans.

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