London Games

We have worked with the National Football League since 2010 to recreate the feeling of an American Football stadium in London.

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June 2020


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increase in American Football participation in the UK


square meters of messaging(roughly 1.5 NYC blocks)


NFL's home away from home

After nine years helping the NFL bring the grandeur of American Football to the UK, the 2019 London Games presented a whole new challenge as the series expanded to four games across two stadiums in London. 2019 marked an exciting point in NFL history, with the first two matches debuting the state-of-the-art Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the first purpose-built NFL stadium constructed outside of the United States.

The London Games remain a growing, successful enterprise that isn't going away.


Communicating multiple messages

We needed to communicate a consistent and authentic NFL story across both Tottenham and Wembley Stadium, cementing the NFL's presence in the UK, distinguish the character of each team, and hero the all-important 'home team' – all while celebrating the NFL's 100th season.

Building the American Football legend

The NFL is different from anything that exists in the UK sports scene – from extraordinary access to teams and players to unrivalled fan events and an entertainment spectacle that is found only in the NFL.

Building the atmosphere

As fans arrived at each stadium, we surrounded them with visuals combining dynamic player imagery and disrupted bold typography inspired by the teams' brand and essence. The monumental graphics around the stadiums echoed the NFL's ever-growing presence in the UK, attracting new fans while building excitement and anticipation among those who already love the game.

What started out as a curiosity has become a fixed point on the UK’s sporting landscape.

The Guardian


Value for the audience

The audience were immersed in the exciting world of the NFL from the moment they engaged with the experience.

Value for the brand

The event successfully increased the uptake of American Football in the UK by 15%.

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