Creating a three-day fan festival that’s never been done before in the heart of London

Major League Baseball

London Series Trafalgar Square Takeover

Celebrating the best of baseball culture with an unrivalled fan festival, MLB returned to the UK in a big way with their 2023 London Series Trafalgar Square Takeover.

June 2023
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Iconic landmark

Bringing the best of the game to the heart of central London by transforming a historic landmark into the ultimate baseball festival, Trafalgar Square set the tone on a global scale for what an MLB fan experience is. With a full programme of baseball activities, fans got stuck in by learning the art of pitching and batting, smashing targets, and picking up techniques from the sport.

Old rivalry, new ground

The St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs have a historic rivalry going back 130 years but remain just as relevant as ever. We brought the Route 66 Rivalry to life, leaning into it to shape the festival, we split the event into two distinctive sides with bold branding, original Cubs-Cardinals merchandise and ballpark-inspired food from each city, creating a playground for cultural collaborations. Which side would you pick?

Home Run Derby X The Cage

In a dimension-defying new baseball game that blended reality and virtual gameplay, we got players hitting home runs over the London skyline. Using the latest ball-tracking technology, players smashed physical baseballs that were then digitally visualised soaring over Nelson’s Column and beyond, all within an epic cage structure in the middle of the festival.

A high-energy, live experience where fans got to watch explosive matchups between teams of MLB Legends, Superstars and Big Hitters from the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees and St Louis Cardinals, all competing to be crowned The Cage champions. Other famous faces and big names from the sporting world took to The Cage to try their hand at striking a home run.

Value for the audience

Working with MLB we brought the baseball experience to life in an epic 3-day event, presenting existing and a new generation of fans with an exciting, fresh and interactive take on the game.

Value for the brand

With action from the Home Run Derby X The Cage final live-streamed, fan engagement was amplified globally and delivered on the hype generated by the MLB London Series Takeover campaign. The Trafalgar Square Takeover was another key milestone in the journey to grow the game outside of America and position MLB as the sporting entertainment brand that does things differently.

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Home Run Derby X

America and baseball go hand in hand. For a global audience, the game needed a new look. A simple hook into a complex sport, Home Run Derby X is an electrifying new format of baseball.