How do you launch a sport in a new market?

Major League Baseball
la dodgers hitting at the MLB Battlegrounds with 250 feet sign in forefront


Major League Baseball ripped up the baseball rulebook to present a vision of the sport’s future for a European audience.

July 2017


attendeesacross the events


of our audienceunder the age of 34


viewers of the Home Run Derbyon Twitter Live


VR Home Runs hit


Bringing America’s pastime into the future

Baseball is America’s oldest sport, with the oldest fanbase. As Major League Baseball launched in Europe, how could they convince millennials that an old man’s game could keep pace?

An American baseball invasion of London.

New York Times

Dialling up the competition

Whether it’s video games, rap battles or twitter beefs, rivalry is a huge part of millennials’ lives. Baseball is built on centuries-old rivalries that still divide today. For both, a collision of two cultures is always an unmissable spectacle. We just had to make it happen. Enter Battlegrounds: baseball’s historic rivalries reimagined for a new audience.

An incredible collision of culture, sport and tech

In Summer 2017, the Boston Red Sox and L.A. Dodgers battled it out in London in unexpected ways. It all started with a sporting mashup, as stars of cricket and rugby picked a side to bat for in a Home Run Challenge content series.

Hyde Park was transformed into a baseball fairground.

Evening Standard

British Summer Time Festival

Then we took over Pop Brixton with Boston and L.A. culture. And a VR batting cage. Finally we staged Europe’s first ever Home Run Derby on the main stage of British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park.


Value for the audience

By dialling up the unique culture that goes along with baseball, the audience were able to get to know a new sport in a wholly more engaging and exciting way. The VR batting cage, which was played 1324 times, provided a novel and fun way to get hands on.

MLB gets a new stream of fans to pledge their allegiance to one of two dynasties.


Value for the brand

The experience brought much value for MLB, from the positive consumer press, to the number of under 34 year olds (80% of the 30,000 across all events) that were reached. It has set MLB on the path to form long-standing relationships with this target audience.

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