Launching the next generation LG OLED

An integrated campaign to celebrate the launch of Forza Horizon 5 including influencer-led content and a once-in-a-lifetime gaming experience powered by LG OLED.

November 2021


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Attendees consider LG OLED part of the ‘dream gaming set up'


Piñatas destroyed

The Idea

Dream Gaming Setup

A debate that has raged in comment sections and subreddits: what is the dream gaming setup? LG built one themselves to demonstrate that OLED screens can truly compete with monitors in the minds of gamers. LG OLED Unleashed was a fully integrated campaign strategically targeted at Forza Horizon fans, as the stunning landscapes in the game are the perfect demonstration of LG’s OLED technology. Unleashed took Forza fans under the hood, unveiling the new game in all its glory, with playful nods to the features of the franchise such as ‘barn finds’ and piñatas.

Unleashing Forza Horizon 5

The campaign was built around a live event held in November 2021 at Dunsfold Park, better known as the filming location for Top Gear. Lucky winners of a pre-event competition attended an exclusive two-day experience which brought Forza Horizon 5 to life in an authentic way. This included an exclusive play of the game ahead of the global launch, with sessions on Xbox Series X consoles and the latest LG OLED displays. Guests also got their chance to test drive the LG OLED Dream Gaming Setup: an immersive, 4D racing simulator housed in a stunning mirrored cube on the runway.

“LG delivers secret test-drive gaming experience”

Campaign Magazine

Ultimate Barn Find

Our audience trusts elite gamers above all else, so we pitted four streamers against each other in a high octane finale to the Unleashed campaign. Tasked with discovering a ‘barn find’ from Forza, Benny Central, Aarav, James Buckley and Vikkstar put their real-life driving skills to the test on the Dunsfold track (hitting some piñatas along the way) before battling it out on Forza Horizon 5 in the LG OLED Dream Gaming Setup.


“we’re excited to bring our expertise to the table and be a part of the development of next generation gaming experiences. We’re just getting started!"

Alex Sanghoon Yeo

TV Product Director, LG UK

Value for the Audience

LG’s audience of hardcore gamers got unprecendented access to the newly released Forza Horizon 5, with the opportunity to play on Xbox Series X consoles with the latest LG OLED displays and meet the game’s creators in person. For those not in attendance, they got to follow the story through content created by influencers they trust.

Value for the Brand

LG created an experiential asset that demonstrated their OLED technology to a micro-targeted group vital to their strategy. The integrated campaign wrapped around it ensured that the content was broadcast to a wider audience online.

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