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Challenge the Impossible

A campaign for the launch of Jaguar’s first ever SUV across all touchpoints, that exceeded expectations, defied physics and literally turned the brand upside down.

March 2017


viewersof the live stream


share of voicein the region


increase in sales leads


g-forceduring the stunt


Turning the brand upside down

The premium segment of the Chinese automotive market is cut throat, and as a new player, Jaguar needed to find its competitive edge. The problem was that few people knew the brand, and even fewer kew what the brand stood for.

Reaching a new audience

The launch of the F-Pace, Jaguar’s first ever SUV, provided the opportunity to capture a young and affluent audience. To do this in a saturated market, we needed to create a memorable and shareable experience, not just another social campaign.

Power loop

On the day itself, the record breaking 360-degree loop that the F-Pace previously conquered at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show was built in Shanghai. This time the dynamic stunt took place at the Bund, to provide the perfect dramatic backdrop of the city skyline.

The all-new Jaguar F-Pace defied gravity once again.

Senatus Magazine

A content-driven campaign

Our audience had a short attention span, so we knew that for the stunt to have a long-term impact, we had to repeat our message again and again. Teaser content, social debate and UGC were seeded out leading up to the day, ensuring the campaign was an entertainment destination beyond the stunt itself.


Value for the audience

The audience, including 30 million plus on the live stream, were able to witness a truly spectacular world first that was memorable and shareable.

Value for the brand

The experience successfully helped JLR make its mark in a new market, leading to a 75% increase in sales lead.

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