How do you engage investors in a future vision?


Belt and Road Initiative

We simplified the complex narrative of a global infrastructure programme by placing investors at the heart of our VR experience.

February 2018


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Making a complex issue simple

We simplified the complex narrative of a global infrastructure programme by placing investors at the heart of our VR experience. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is an ambitious programme that reaches out to over 65 countries and 62% of the world’s population.

HSBC Belt and Road

Putting investors at the heart of the story

It will deliver infrastructure enhancements to establish a global trading super highway that will transform the global economy. Understanding of this major investment opportunity has been at low levels among institutional and private investors so, to improve this, HSBC asked us to help bring it to life by putting the audience in the story.

Belt and Road

An educational virtual reality experience

In a finance industry first, we developed a VR experience and split the narrative into easily understood parts. Users were empowered to directly interact with the story using handheld controllers in a truly mind-bending way.

Telling the story

The four-minute experience begins by taking the viewer around the world in space to help illustrate the scale of BRI regions along with key statistics. We then descend to city level to see the incredible transformation of China over the last few decades. Finally, we travel back out to our global view where the viewer can use a controller to interact with the globe and review key project statistics.


Value for the audience

Investors were able to truly get the heart of this complex initiative in a deeply engaging way, using a new and interesting technology.

Value for the brand

The experience helped HSBC reach a targeted audience of 1000+ high value business leaders.

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