Reinventing the retail experience


Reinvigorating the Dealership Experience

We collaborated with Ford to develop a new digital sales tool that puts customers back at the heart of the dealership experience.

June 2018


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Reclaiming customer conversations

In the face of shifting customer expectations, Ford identified an opportunity to create a new retail experience, leveraging technology to empower sales and service staff, and re-focus on the consumer.

Working on a global scale

The new digital platform formed part of the brand’s Ford Guest Experience programme. The challenge? It would need to work across six markets and hundreds of dealerships, each with their own customer engagement needs, both regionally integrated and locally relevant. Our goal was to help Ford reclaim customer conversations while making it easier for sales consultants on a day-to-day basis.

Creating a distinctly Ford experience

Following a close investigation of the customer experience, we identified key touchpoints where technology could be introduced. The solution is an easy-to-use sales tool that’s visually engaging and flexible, supporting dealership staff and enabling customer exploration. The tool provides the consultant with everything they need for product presentation – from product demos, pricing and financing options and even product comparisons.


Value for the audience

Having a hard working, succinct sales tool does the heavy lifting for sales staff, meaning that they are able to provide a better service to their customers.

"Imagination's capability and creativity in the areas of digital innovation and problem solving provided the difference we needed to create a sales and service experience that is distinctly Ford that all our guests can trust"

David Jeffrey

Consumer Experience Director, Ford AP Operations

Value for the brand

We have created an incredibly useful tool that has positively impacted the day-to-day dealership experience. The fact that it has been adopted by 80% of Ford dealerships across 4 different regions is a testament to this.

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