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Go Faster

Ford found itself as a brand that was well known, but not well loved. So we launched Go Faster – a new immersive experience where the customer is the star of the action and could not help but fall in love with the brand.

August 2018
Drum Experience Award 2018 - Innovative Activation/Event of the Year Campaign Experience Awards 2018 - Best Digital Experience & Highly Commended for Creative Event of the year


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of attendees hadincreased brand favourability


Make the customer the hero of the experience

Ford needed to find a better way of making meaningful connections with its target audience. Our Hollywood-inspired driving experience invited the public to take part in their own trailer for the imaginary film ‘Go Faster’ and learn to become a getaway driver.

VERY cool.


Tell an immersive story

Over a period of four hours guests were immersed in the film’s story of Remie Casino and his double-crossing best mate, and learnt how to complete a number of stunts to ensure they could play the role of getaway driver.


Value for the audience

So unique was the experience on offer, guests were willing to pay for it – showing ‘Go Faster’ had a very tangible value. On top of the thrilling experience, guests were given a copy of the trailer and film poster, and able to share their starring role on social media.

Steve McQueen would have done dangerous things to be in Go Faster.


Value for the brand

Ford wanted to become a brand that was well loved, and with 92% of attendees leaving with increased brand favourability, the experience achieved this. We also ensured Ford got the most mileage out of the experience by enabling it to be scaled-back at car shows with a rig and green screen.

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