Illustrating the value proposition of an on-demand logistics company propelling the success of both small and large businesses


IPO Content

DoorDash’s IPO presented our Investor Communications team with the opportunity to create a roadshow video, and two investor video modules to be used during the IPO marketing period.

This content showcased how DoorDash – the US category leader in local food logistics – revolutionised the food delivery category through its proprietary technology platforms and operation infrastructure.









A Seat at the Table

The roadshow videos positioned the spotlight on the community of merchants, Dashers and consumers that make up the DoorDash ecosystem. By telling the story of Main Street businesses that are powering local economies nationally via DoorDash, the video served as a moment for the company to hold its head high and educate investors that it was collectively time for “Our Seat at the Table”.

In conversation

The roadshow video begins with Founder and CEO, Tony Xu, walking down Main Street and entering Oren’s Hummus, one of the first three merchants on the DoorDash platform whose business had grown from a single restaurant in Palo Alto to a regional favourite with 6 locations. The market opportunity of DoorDash is quickly highlighted by Tony who is then joined by Oren’s Hummus owner Mistie Cohen as the two are filmed documentary style and in conversation. This approach showcases DoorDash’s commitment to merchant partnerships and the powerful insights that business owners can leverage from the DoorDash platform to grow their businesses.

Local & national scale

To show the scale and competitive advantage of the DoorDash platform the film transitions to other company leaders expanding on the proprietary technology, financials and path to profitability while being highlighted by leading national restaurant partners like Chili’s to convenience partners like 7-Eleven and Casey’s. These partners spoke to direct revenue growth by partnering with DoorDash while expanding their consumer offerings. Supporting these merchant stories are consumer and Dasher testimonials captured across the Bay Area, Dallas and Des Moines.

A Main Street story

Throughout the film viewers see how–restaurant-by-restaurant, store-by-store, street-by-street, table-by-table–the neighbourhood and community is connected, through DoorDash. People enjoying their meals, enjoying the company of friends and family,  and enjoying the abundance that DoorDash makes possible. To naturally and creatively weave the founding story into the film, this important narrative culminated the video on a strong and inspiring note. Featuring Tony, walking down Main Street, he speaks to the founding and his origins but communicates that this is not only a founding story but rather that DoorDash is an American Story.

Value for the audience

After four months of schedule coordination, creative treatment development, scriptwriting and production planning, DoorDash’s roadshow videos introduced investor audiences to the ambitious growth plans for the company, and the anticipation was palpable in the days leading up to the IPO launch.

Value for the brand

DoorDash has always looked to celebrate and serve its local communities. Our creative content highlighted the company’s ability to connect merchants, consumers, and Dashers – a self-reinforcing flywheel that generates joyful abundance and growth at scale.

DoorDash’s well-received IPO raised $3.37 billion, valuing the company at $71.3 billion. On opening day, its shares closed at $189.51–86% above its offering price and surged upwards of 92% following its IPO, ending the year as one of the largest transactions of 2020.

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