Celebrating eight years with the City of Sydney

City of Sydney

New Year’s Eve Celebrations

We’ve partnered with the City of Sydney for eight years to creatively direct its world-famous NYE fireworks event and help millions of people watching globally, ring in the New Year.

January 2020


ever agencyappointed to creatively direct


attendeesaround Sydney Harbour


viewersaround the world


Australianpublic event


New year, new benchmark

As one of the first cities in the world to celebrate the New Year, eyes are always on Sydney to set the benchmark for celebrations. From 2011, we were challenged by the City of Sydney to create a fresh theme and exciting content for its expectant local and global audiences alike.

An event like no other

Year on year, we sought to enhance the experience from the previous by injecting dynamic new elements, creating enviable parties and engaging millions of viewers with stunning visuals, emotive themes, and a variety of special guest ambassadors. We partnered with iconic creative collaborators, such as Kylie Minogue, Reg Mombassa, Jack Thompson and Marc Newson, delivered entertaining fireworks soundtracks, and created three parties annually for VIP guests.

Celebrating eight years with Sydney

Each year we choose a simple theme that captures the essence of Sydney and its people - such as ‘City of Colour’ or ‘Time to Dream’, then brought each one to life through vibrant ambient media, advertising, online elements and stunning projections on the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylons.


Value for the audience

The audience witness a truly spectacular event that’s as joyous as it is epic in proportions. Few things in life a pure, unadulterated fun, but this is surely one of them.

The event is worth $130m to the economy in New South Wales

The Guardian

Value for the brand

The NYE fireworks are the most iconic in the world. Watched by an estimated audience of 1 billion globally, they position Sydney as a one of the world’s most famous cities, leading to an insurmountable effect on tourism and local businesses.

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