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Our immersive, cinematic experience is a game-changer for brands. We prove that through real-time virtual production, epic results can be sustainably achieved with little space and manpower. With our expertise, brands can use virtual production to unlock a new world of creative possibilities, offering their audiences an enriched experience across all touchpoints.

June 2021

5x5 m

studio used for the shoot


people only in the crew


potential content outcomesincluding film, AR, VR, web and print


Why you should choose virtual production

Powered by a MegaGrant from Epic Games, we utilised Unreal Engine to create a dystopian world that pushes the boundaries of real-time virtual production. The teaser video was filmed in a 5m x 5m studio in London with a crew of only 13 people. By combining live-action with photoreal 3D graphics in real-time, virtual production allows you to keep shooting even if the location or product doesn’t exist, is inaccessible or has been delayed. This revolutionary technology, therefore, saves time, money and reduces the carbon footprint of a shoot, especially compared to a multi-location project. There is less risk of exposing sensitive information or embargoed products on location, and it can be repurposed across multiple mediums and customer journeys, such as AR, VR, online and even in print.

Become part of the revolution in content production

This leap in capability has arrived at a perfect time, as recent events have forced brands to slash their marketing budgets all while implementing remote and virtual working environment setups. As content consumption soars, organisations are also seeking to innovate and deliver unique and immersive experiences seamlessly across the entire customer journey. Virtual production will play an important role in doing just that.

"Following years of collaboration on remarkable Unreal Engine projects, we’re delighted to support Imagination’s pursuit of virtual production and in-camera VFX through Epic MegaGrants. We’re excited to see their storytelling capabilities and technical expertise open new creative doors and unlock powerful content for their partners in the future."

Doug Wolff

Business Development Manager, Epic Games

Bring Hollywood-worthy quality to your brand

The video highlights the cinematic possibilities of a virtual world by following the story of female protagonist Phoenix Jaxson — played by alt-pop artist July Jones. She solves crime and delivers justice on the new Trident 660 from Triumph Motorcycles, travelling through a photorealistic, dystopian world inspired by Zach Snyder and Ridley Scott. It ends by breaking the fourth wall as the camera pans to reveal the set and film crew.

Achieve the ultimate creative control

The intricate urban landscapes that span day to night, demonstrate the creative control and in-the-moment adjustments virtual production allows and solves the common challenge of needing to chase the light in traditional production. The team has been able to deliver ambitious results with commonly tricky objects — such as reimagining the reflective surfaces of Phoenix’ sunglasses and her Triumph motorcycle — seamlessly blending these with the virtual world for a photorealistic and visually stunning end result.

Click here to read the in-depth behind-the-scenes article.


Being able to bring ideas and experiences to life with Unreal Engine is a game-changer. Not only can you curate immersive and interactive experiences live and in real time, you can also continue to develop and tell a multitude of stories with total creative control – seamlessly blending the physical and digital worlds in a way that was not previously possible."

Anton Christodoulou

Chief Technology Officer, Imagination


"It’s been amazing to work with Imagination and Triumph and see the creative output achieved in such a small space. It'll be interesting to see how far virtual production can be pushed, not only for brands but for artists and the entertainment industry. The behind-the-scenes snippets I’ve been able to share on social media have already sparked such a positive reaction with my fans. I cannot wait for them to see the final result"

July Jones

Alt-Pop Singer

"With audiences consuming more content than ever before, the interaction with brands is constantly evolving and the delivery of brand experiences is becoming increasingly complex. This work demonstrates how virtual production tells stories in the most compelling way using these complex layered assets across the total customer experience."

Ross Wheeler

Global Business Director, Imagination

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