Customer Innovation Centre

3M came to us with a statistic and a problem. The statistic; the average person comes into contact with seventeen 3M products every day. The problem; the average person has no idea what 3M makes.

July 2014


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Unique problems need unique solutions

3M produces 55,000 products across many different categories. We needed to showcase the problems people face, and how 3M’s products solve them. The result; The Customer Innovation Centre, an innovative space that can reinvent itself for every visitor.

Bringing technology to life

The centre positions 3M as a pioneer, paving new connections through the technology it develops. Visitors are presented with digital content, product demos and high-profile guests including Prof. Brian Cox. This dynamic approach helps bring 3M’s technology to life.

Future-proof and flexible

As 3M’s technology evolves and new products are launched, the Customer Innovation Centre can be reformed and remoulded, making it future-proof. The brand can customise the centre, providing a fresh experience for each and every guest by picking out solutions tailored to them.

The centre will help get young people interested in the process of inventing.

Brian Cox



Value for the audience

The Customer Innovation Centre is an exceptional, flexible space packed with cutting-edge tech and glimpses into the future. For the 7000 + visitors in the first six months, it showcased the science and solutions behind 3M’s expertise, and helped inspire the inventors of tomorrow.

Value for the brand

The centre has cemented 3M’s position as innovators, showcasing their expansive product range. The impressive levels of reach through press - 2.5 million have increased the brand’s fame. Now, when people come into contact with those seventeen products, they’ll know exactly who made them.

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